How did you get involved in SOE?
When the band was looking for a bass player, and Jonas had asked around among friends, I was recommended. After a short rehearsal and many very nice conversations, I quickly found my place in the band.

What else do you do at SOE?
Besides the bass lines, I faithfully give my two cents to everything. In addition, I take on communicative and organizational tasks, for example in the planning of live performances or video productions.

What did you do musically before SOE?
Do you remember your school days? - I don't. I was busy playing bass and listening to heavy metal. In my best times I played in four bands at the same time. The most important of them (and still semi-active today) is Apokrypha. After my time at the school for music in Dinkelsbühl the music had to rest for a while, because my way led me to become a bio/chemistry teacher and family father. In the meantime I am also a professional in these areas. 😉so that the music can again have its place like in the past.

How did you come to play the best instrument in the world?
At the tender age of 9, the video of "From here to Eternity" happened to be on TV(!). I was so enthusiastic about it that I spent hours every day listening to "Fear of the Dark". Fascinated by the bass playing of Steve Harris, I got myself a bass at the age of 12 and set the goal to play bass like Steve Harris someday.
Over the years and many genres I've been involved in (esp. Black Metal) I've acquired my own style, where the influence of Iron Maiden is certainly still undeniable.

Who are your idols?
Steve Harris

Which bands and musicians have influenced you?
Iron Maiden

Megadeth, Immortal, Bathory, Helloween (the old ones), Gamma Ray, Cradle of Filth, Grave Digger, Macabre, Strapping Young Lad, Behemoth (the old ones), Blind Guardian, Manowar, Dream Theater (the old ones), Queensryche (the old ones)

Your three records for the ages?
Iron Maiden – Somewhere in Time
Bruce Dickinson – Chemical Wedding
Macabre – Dahmer